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Social Un-Distancing

Everything has changed. Here in the US, we’re experiencing a lockdown— from parks to beaches— this social distancing period has shifted my life almost entirely indoors. As a working mother, who is living her life within the walls of her home, it has become pertinent that I balance my full-time job alongside my parental duties.

My house has become a make-shift office space, seeing as my husband, who is also working from home, requires silence and intense focus. We share this productive space with our five year old twins. The current quarantine has proved problematic for two energetic kids, so we’ve had to invest in some pretty intense toys to keep them both entertained. In a house of four, it can be difficult to regain the “me time” that I used to squeeze in when I had open blocks in my work schedule. In essence, I’ve learned that I am much more of an introvert than I thought I was. But these past few months, I have experienced more family time than I ever thought I would get the opportunity to have as a working mom.

Now more than ever, I have become immensely grateful for my family. I am more certain now than ever before that my husband and I are the perfect partners for one another. In the midst of the anxiety of a pandemic and the stressor working full time while watching two five year olds, we have supported each other in the most amazing ways. Our relationship is more solid than even before and I have fallen in love with my husband all over again. I couldn’t be more fortunate that he is the person I am stuck with during a national lockdown. My kids, who I already thought were great, have time and time again lifted my spirits. I couldn’t be more proud of who they are and how they love and support each other. Being twins, it’s obvious that they are close, but I see them now as true best friends.

Although this period has had its own challenges, and there are many things that I miss having the freedom of doing; there are many people that I miss seeing everyday. But what has become remarkably clear is my profound love for my husband and my kids. My husband is truly an incredible human being and I’m lucky to be his partner. And my kids continue to surprise me everyday with their kindness towards one another and radiating positivity. I’ve been able to bond with them in the most amazing ways, and that is the truest gift of this quarantine. I love my people.


Written by: Alina Fowler

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