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Keeping Distance

So much is unknown about this virus— that’s what makes it scary. But life has to go on. We still have to go out and buy groceries and attend to the daily chores of life. I’m seventy-six years old and considering my age, I have a greater chance of being infected. Older people are at a higher risk of contacting the coronavirus so yes, I was very scared. I also have other health issues, such as high blood pressure, and a number of other things…

The grocery stores in my area have designated special times for us in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I go out to buy groceries, I always wear a mask and gloves and I also bring alcohol wipes with me every time. Whenever I leave the car, I spray the handles of my car with disinfectant sprays. I’ve also told many people that they can’t come inside my house and I think that right now, adhering to these rules has become a general understanding, especially among my family members. I’ve seen stories on the news where families all come together and then the virus starts to spread among them— I want to prevent that from ever happening to me and my family. We make use of FaceTime and calls, and even though it’s not the same, I want to limit my chances of getting the virus since I am at a higher risk.

If people come to visit me, instead of going inside, we sit on the patio, mindful of the distance between ourselves. Even when I go to my sister’s house, we sit on her patio in the garden. The only one who really comes near my house is the gardener and his team. I have a big garden, so I need help maintaining it. I still adhere to the necessary safety precautions and wear a mask whenever they come over, and since it is outside, it is still safer.

One of my family members is handicapped and older than me. He is just recovering from a stroke he had a while ago, but it’s interesting because he’s not scared of the virus, despite his age and health. He walks every morning and night through the neighborhood for exercise, but due to his perspective of the virus, I am worried that when he comes home, he might pass it to me.

I’ve been watching T.V. and movies to fill some of my time. I used to enjoy watching Criminal Minds, but I don’t anymore because with what’s going on in the world, it’s hard to watch scary things. I like to watch the news because it keeps me informed, but I also like to watch some comedy films because it’s uplifting.

Even if the virus goes on into different phases, people are still going to have to go out. The economy has to continue and people have to keep working, but people have to transition into being mindful of protecting themselves with masks and other precautions while still doing what they need to do.


Written by: Ellia Chiang

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