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Hope in the Dark

I’ve been a boarding school student since I was in middle school. Coming back to Nigeria and being at home made me realize a lot of things.

Firstly, there are so many opportunities that I will be missing out on due to the Coronavirus. These realizations hit me like a chain reaction. In March, my school’s trip to Italy was cancelled, I wasn’t going to be able to be a lifeguard anymore, and the college tours I scheduled for this summer weren’t going to happen. It was just bad news after bad news and I couldn’t do anything to change my circumstances. On the bright side, being back at home also helped me improve my mindset. Obstacles pave the way for better things to come.

Spending time at home also made me see how my parents work, especially under such stressful times. My mother owns a fashion business and she was very fortunate to pick up a lot of her fabric and material before importation and exportation became so negatively affected. Even so, it’s very hard to see that less and less people are coming to buy her clothes. My dad is the Secretary to the State Government for the State of Delta and COVID-19 has really impacted his career. Part of his job is to implement and carry out policies that the government passes and that means managing lockdowns and quarantines. If he sees somebody driving outside on the road, he needs to check and make sure that they’re only there to buy essentials. Sometimes, he’ll travel to the border of Lagos with border patrol and make sure nobody is trying to leave. He’s been getting so many calls and he always looks so tired. I’ve definitely seen how the Coronavirus has affected him, not only personally, but also in his professional life.

Even though I’m disappointed with a lot of the outcomes I’ve had to face, I do try and look for some of the small, hidden blessings. For example, being at home all day means that I have more time to pursue other interests. One thing I have started to take up is cooking; I am enjoying it so much. I love posting my creations on social media and seeing what other people think. Although the Coronavirus has brought so many negatives, like how many are suffering and in pain right now, it’s important to look on the bright side and find some joy.


Written by: Debi Chakrabortti

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