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Better Safe Than Sorry

I think that I contracted the Coronavirus when someone coughed at me while I was standing in line for a cashier at a pharmacy. A woman coughed at me, and neither of us were wearing masks. Because we’re living in a global pandemic, from that day forward I was very paranoid that I may have contracted the Coronavirus. I began to count the days after this incident had occurred. As you know, nationwide, in the United States it is extremely difficult to get tested. Despite going to visit my doctor twice, he didn’t allow me to get tested because I had really mild symptoms.

Sure enough, exactly five days later, I developed a fever. A few days after that, I started coughing. I suspected that I had the Coronavirus. I immediately separated myself from my family and isolated myself to my bedroom. I just assumed the worst had happened and that I had been infected. I didn’t want to risk even the slimmest chance of spreading the virus.

For the first week I struggled with a fever, my temperature would fluctuate from 97℉ to 104℉. I had absolutely no appetite. No food could enter my stomach, so all I could do was just drink plenty of water. I lost more than 20 lbs within those two weeks. I have never lost this much weight from getting sick before. I’ve had lots of experience with horrible flus and allergies before, but this was different.

I recovered after around two weeks. The problem was that I had lost so much weight and energy, and I continued to feel extremely weak. It took me another week to just regain all of that strength I had lost. I didn’t come into contact with my family the entire time I was ill.

I was scared. I just prayed.

I wasn’t taking any medicine so I just had to fight the virus with my own immune system and hope that this was enough.

But I survived. Despite not being admitted into a hospital for medical attention, I made it out alive.

I hope that I can share my story to spread awareness to others about the severity of this disease. Knowledge really is power. I want to stress the importance of being able to recognize the symptoms. Overreacting and self isolating yourself is much better than doing nothing. You can’t afford to be selfish and ignorant at a time like this. Please take extra precaution during these uncertain times. It’s so much better to be safe than sorry.


Written by: Natasha Leong

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