A Part of Being Human

I’m Armaan Dayal, a student at King George V School in Hong Kong. With millions struggling to cope with the adverse repercussions of the pandemic, my friend Aditya Anand and I decided to set up a fundraiser for Child Rights and You (CRY), one of India’s leading NGOs (non-government organizations), supporting their COVID-19 relief efforts during these unprecedented times.

We were inspired to organize our fundraiser after leading a student-led Challenge Week trip to the Golden Triangle of the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur for 23 students and 2 teachers last November. At the start, just proposing this trip to our school was a crazy idea— in past years, a typical school trip is always teacher-led, about 5-7 days long, and to a place in East Asia. Our proposal was for a trip that was student-led, about 9-10 days long, and to India.

To our surprise, senior management liked our proposal and gave us the greenlight. We spent over half a year independently planning this trip from start to finish, writing numerous itineraries and the official risk assessment, planning and negotiating with trip providers and travel agencies, managing marketing and finances, and more.

During our trip to India, we partnered with CRY for the chance to meet around 30 local underprivileged children with big hearts and warm smiles, and spent a day sharing experiences and playing games. CRY works to keep the youngest, poorest, and most vulnerable safe, tackling issues such as poverty and inequality by offering children free and quality education, healthcare, and nutrition, impacting over 640,000 young Indians last year. In past decades, CRY has worked on a multitude of campaigns focused on everything from providing grassroots NGOs with funds to distributing life-saving vaccinations to babies.

When we returned home, we wanted to continue supporting CRY, and when COVID-19 broke out, we found it imperative to launch a fundraising campaign. We had initially planned to pitch to industry professionals and alumni at our school’s annual KGV Alliance event in an effort to raise money for CRY, but had to change tack when the pandemic hit. Thus, we decided to set up an online fundraiser, hosted on CRY’s official domain.

We initially set our goal for HK$10,000, and reached out to as many people as we could. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, we upped it to HK$15,000, and we’re currently at around HK$13,000 and rising! Everything we collect is directly going towards CRY’s COVID-19 relief efforts; we’re funding hygiene kits, hand wash soaps, cotton scarves to serve as reusable face masks, informational brochures, rations, and even toys for children who don’t have a family to go to during the lockdown. So far, these supplies have been distributed to over 176,000 households in 11 states across India.

Our intrinsic goal is to assist the children who are now in urgent need of our help. We’re endeavoring to realize this aim by supporting an NGO we know does a lot of good work. While most of us are safe at home, many around the world don’t have that same luxury.

As humans, it is our responsibility to help. Helping others is just a part of being human.

— Armaan (Guest Contributor)

Written by: Natasha Leong

Edited by: Armaan Dayal (Guest Contributor)

Your support will help save a smile! Donate to the CRY fundraiser today in any currency right here.

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